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Our Russian restaurant in Dubai is located in the heart of business life - Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Suvoroff Business Cafe delivers food to your home, delivers food to your office. We offer presentation rooms, because Dubai is, first of all, a city of business people. You can use meeting rooms for both business and friendly meetings. In addition, Russian cuisine in Dubai is an island of comfort, a variety of delicious, fresh and high-quality dishes. You can leisurely enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our restaurant, spend time with your friends and family. Come to our Russian restaurant in Dubai, we are always glad to our guests!

The atmosphere of our cafe is always conducive to comfortable communication and pleasant rest. Here you will find a cozy room with pleasant music, a varied and tasty menu, and friendly staff, always ready to help. Experience the real pleasure of a break!

Meeting room

A comfortable room equipped for presentations, business meetings will set the tone for a new project


A small festive event, designed according to your requirements and taste

Lunch break

Balanced lunch break, eat in a comfortable room or order delivery to the office

Optimal menu

Diverse Russian cuisine in the UAE showing proteins, fats and carbohydrates for you

Book a table

No need to worry about the availability of seats, book a table through the website, and we will meet you during

Food ordering app

The best solution for busy people, download and place an order through a user-friendly interface

Presentation rooms in Dubai are designed for business meetings in an informal setting. Our meeting rooms will help you move forward in your business, because the entire atmosphere of our restaurant is aimed at concluding the most profitable contracts and offers.

In our cafe you can hold a business meeting, solve business issues and combine a meeting with a partner or colleagues with a delicious lunch. Make presentations, sign contracts within the walls of our cozy cafe.

Suvoroff Business Cafe
Russian restaurant in Dubai

Holidays, celebrations for every taste and size - you can count on our help in organizing any event. Any event in your life will become bright and memorable within the walls of our cozy cafe.

Russian restaurant in Dubai is a great opportunity to have fun and useful time. Don't limit your imagination! Birthday, memorable date, friendly meeting - there are no restrictions on leisure options. Even if you just want to sit alone - come to us. Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere will help you find peace of mind. Do you want to spend your holiday at home? Food delivery in Dubai will help! Order any dish from the menu of our restaurant and don't worry - your holiday will be fun and satisfying.

Russian cuisine with delivery - what could be cozier and tastier? Fresh, original dishes will help you feel more free - you don't have to stand at the stove for a long time! Food delivery in Dubai is a great opportunity to make your day bright and eventful. Now you can go about your business without worrying about your food, because Russian cuisine delivered to your home will help diversify your diet and significantly save your time.

Russian dishes are wonderful in their variety, for the convenience of ordering, install the application for ordering food from the best Russian cuisine restaurant in Dubai. The app for ordering food delivery is available for iOS and Android platforms, the most user-friendly interface, an instant response from the manager.

Food delivery in Dubai is a responsible business. The climate and humidity of the UAE makes us work quickly and accurately to delight you with our culinary masterpieces. But we have skillfully adjusted this process and declare that Russian cuisine with delivery is a high-quality and pleasant service that makes you happy with its dishes every day.

Suvoroff Business Cafe

Natural ingredients and delicious food

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